Unsolicited Testimonials

(100% sincere. Even the ones for which I had to pay.)

"Marvin Waldman was my partner – not like that – although I do love him in a manly way. He was my creative partner at Young & Rubicam Advertising and helped to create some of the best work that I have ever brought to a client. He was also the Executive Director on one of the first integrated accounts – not like that – although he is a liberal and voted for Obama – where a number of Y&R agencies delivered (no pun intended) amazing award winning work for of all things, the US Postal Service. I love that integrated man."

--David Sable, CEO, Young & Rubicam

"Marvin is a guy who just exudes creativity. He is smart, quick, and always unexpected. On top of that he is a really decent human being and is deceptively charming in his self-effacing way. All of these qualities rolled together make him terrific at pitching new business or dealing with troubled clients. They rightfully believe that he is not only excellent at what he does, but that he truly cares."

--Ed Vick, former Chairman and CEO Young & Rubicam Advertising

"In my 38 years at Y&R I held many jobs.  From a green trainee to Chairman/CEO.  No job was more rewarding than working on clients’ businesses.  At the top of my favorite partners towered Marv Waldman.  He was a brilliant Creative Director.  But he was more than that.  He was a writer.  He was an idea person.  He had a heart and a soul.  The work showed it.  He had passion.  He also came through with a delicious sense of humor.  An ad guy through and through. Ideas and good copy are never out of date. Marvin can deliver.  He always does. "

--Peter Georgescu, Chairman Emeritus Young & Rubicam

"In a 30+-year career, you get the privilege of working with a lot of talented people.  Some make you look smarter by association.  Some are simply fun to work with and some actually improve your business results.  Any two out of three can be a worthwhile formula.  With Marvin Waldman you get all three!  An ego-free creative talent in advertising that learns from his clients, understands key customer insights and gets results.  If you need these traits, I'd suggest you give Marvin a try."

--Len Tacconi, General Manager, Merck & Company

"Marvin reaches for the heart through the brain and requires attention. His work will not satisfy as much as stimulate. He is like the guy in the Zendo seemingly asleep waiting for you to doze off and then, whack, you are awake, more awake. Then, the magic happens."

--Mary McBride, Chairperson, Design Management Graduate Program, Pratt Institute

"Working with Marvin Waldman is like attending advertising graduate school.  Not only does he write great copy and give great creative direction and develop great strategies, he can and does articulate exactly what he's doing every step of the way.  Marvin doesn't "stumble" into anything.   He gets to his solutions via a well-honed professional process that is then super-charged by a remarkable creative gift.  All the while he can tell you what and why he's doing things, often in ways as colorful and memorable as the work itself."

--John Bollinger, Creative Director, Young & Rubicam

"Of all the writers I have worked with (and that's a large number) I have always thought of Marv Waldman as truly one of the best of the best.  He is idea-driven, able to quickly see the widest range of possibilities for a communication strategy and then magically come up with a selling idea that captures and unites the product and audience. Marv can write with directness, emotion, or humor while staying true to the personality of the brand. His website gives ample demonstration of Marv’s amazing and versatile creative talent."

--John Eighmey, Mithun Chair in Advertising, University of Minnesota

"Marvin, I love you. And your stories. I don't worry about you. You were born to do this. If you won the Pulitzer Prize I would say: Yup, Marvin just won the Pulitzer Prize. I know you think I'm joking when I say this, but I'm not. A fan. Always..."

--Geoffrey Forsyth, Professor, U. of Iowa Summer Writing Festival; Author

"If you need someone to challenge assumptions, ask Marvin.
If you need solid strategic thinking, ask Marvin.
If you need laugh out loud funny, ask Marvin.
If you need boring, do not ask Marvin."

--Lynn Mercado EVP, Creative Group Head, Roberts+Langer, DDB

"Marvin is one of the rare individuals I’ve encountered who is as strong at developing breakthrough strategies as he is at crafting highly effective creative work.  I can’t think of any problem Marvin couldn’t crack through sheer brainpower and creativity."

--Margaret Mark, President, Margaret Mark Insight, Inc.; Former Worldwide Director of Consumer Insights, Young & Rubicam.

"Marvin is a not only a wonderful writer -- creative and insightful and original -- but a terrific collaborator. He gets it; he delivers. Quickly. Smartly."

--Alyse Myers, Director of Strategic Marketing & Business Development, 92nd St. Y

"Marvin isn't just a talented writer; he's a talented listener.  He hears the human voice with all it's nuances and picks up things the rest of us more literal types don't and spins them into insightful gold.  He also has a heart that is bigger than his sense of humor and that is BIG.  I've worked with Marvin on life saving mission work and dopey consumer products and he is respectful and interested in telling persuasive stories about both types of "products."  Nothing is boring to Marvin so he is never boring to work with!"

  --Ruth Wooden, Former President and CEO of the Advertising Council, President of Public Agenda.

"Marvin Waldman is a consummate professional that I have known and worked with for many years. He is a sensational writer, a big concept thinker, and a pure pleasure to work with."

--Linda Kaplan, CEO, Chief Creative Officer, Kaplan Thaler Group

"If you want a Yes Man don't go to Marvin Waldman. If you want to take a germ of an idea, get a candid read, add a twist - or a bunch of additional angles - and end up with something special, then Marvin is your guy. His work has produced results.  And, he has helped keep me out of trouble more than a few times."

--Ron Rothman, Vice President, Business Development ECRI Institute

"Marvin Waldman has one of the most creative minds I've ever encountered, in advertising, in publishing, in the movie business.  His wit is sharp, focused, to the point.  He is also an excellent strategic thinker, and knows just how to harness his intelligence and creativity on behalf of a product or service - unlike many ad people today who think that being funny is the goal, the product be damned.  I recommend Marvin whole-heartedly.  Working with him is an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience."

--Eric Weber, author, screenwriter, director; former Executive Creative Director, FCB and Young & Rubicam;

"Marv is a superb creative director and a warm, solid and delightful person.  He is most inventive and articulate and a pleasure to know and work with. "

--Marcella Rosen, Founder and President, Untold News and Campus Tolerance Foundation; Former President, Trager-Rosen Advertising; EVP, Director of Media Worldwide and member, Corporate Board NWAyer Inc.

"Years ago Marvin walked into my office with a portfolio of Advertising 
ideas. He was a teacher and a single parent, and wanted to re-invent himself. 
I believe in re-inventing ones self. Because his ideas were so fresh and good,
 I presented his portfolio to a top Chief Creative Director who was more than impressed and clearly saw Marvin's potential. And so began his new career, and the rest is history – a history that seems to be very much ongoing."

--Susan Friedman, President, Susan Friedman, Ltd.

"Marvin is one of those rare creative marketers who clearly understands how to elicit a motivated response from consumers. His evolution from traditional to digital focuses not only on the tactic, but at least as important, on a deep understanding of the audience and how to architect the right creative at the right time."

--Joe Berkowitz, COO, DermApproved

"Marvin brings humor, humanity and an intuitive sense to a business that is sorely lacking these traits."

--Eric Glickman, Creative Director, Young & Rubicam

"With a staff of over 2,000, Y&RNY had all types, and then there was Marvin. In a sea of mediocrity he shone as a beacon of inspiration, and had the guts to champion great and “dangerous” ideas, including the ones I brought to him."

--Gordon Hinds, Strategist, Razor Brand Agency, Sydney, Australia

"Marv was one of my favorite professors during my time at Pratt. His light-hearted approach always made learning easy. His keys to harnessing creative thinking have guided many of my professional projects to date and will continue to do so for years to come."

--Michael DiTomo. Former Pratt student; Senior Design Manager, VEVO

"Marvin is an inspiring educator. While I was a student at Pratt, he learned my style and interests in advertising and shaped my approach in ways I still follow today. He remains a mentor and friend."

--JoJo Spiker, former Pratt student

"Marvin is one of the most memorable teachers and mentors I have had in my life. His unique teaching style is engaging, informative and humane. He has the ability to guide and inspire his students to strive for the best results they are capable of achieving. "

--Vladislav Shargorodsky, Former Pratt student, Creative Director, STV Inc.

"Marvin has played a crucial role in helping us tell our story in a compelling way across media, from print to video to the internet. His keen insights into human behavior and his ability to transform those insights into strong, compelling executions are invaluable as we navigate our agency through these tough times. Marvin continues to be a trusted advisor and has become a good friend."

--Tony Sarmiento, Executive Director, Senior Service America

"Marvin Waldman is one of the smartest, most curious and creative people I have ever known. Also one of the most restless. This combination allows him to attack problems from all angles and come up with terrific, unexpected solutions. And oh yeah, he's really funny. Funnier than I am. Well, maybe not that funny."

--Andy Landorf, Group Creative Director, Publicis Kaplan Thaler

"Marvin is one-of-a-kind. He’s insightful, honest, generous, moral and very funny. He's also a great writer and editor. (He added the very.)"

--Stephen Hersh, Creative Director, Young & Rubicam

"Marvin represents all that is wrong with America."

--Ted Cruz, Senator (R-TX)